Friday, 11 May 2012


 Johnson - Hunga Oyindamola A.K.A known as " Dammy Krane ". ,currently signed to 2face's hypertek record is highly notable in the music industry and highly accepted by lovers of music.
Dammy Krane released a couple of songs sometime back like "Pooner", " I like Girls" "Uni girls" etc. He recently dropped his Official single "My Dear " which made him trend for a week non-stop... In this interview,Dammy krane tells us how he got the name "Dammy Krane", the inspiration behind his hit single "My Dear",his favorite place to hang out etc.
Enjoy !!!

Recess Online ::: Introduce Us To dammy krane ?
Dammy Krane ::: My name is Johnson-Hunga oyindamola E....a teenage performing artiste/student:)..

Recess Online ::: How did the name "dammy Krane" come up"?
Dammy Krane ::: When i was young,they used to call me "dammy the crane" at home because i always used to speak about how i want to uplift the industry,so thats how it came about.

Recess Online ::: How long have you been doing Music?
Dammy Krane ::: Started when i was 6...

Recess Online ::: What was your first single?
Dammy Krane ::: MY DEAR is my first official single,but had features and freestyles out..

Recess Online ::: How did the fans support you on release of your first single?
Dammy Krane ::: AMAZING!!!!trended for a week non-stop...i almost

Recess Online  ::: You are currently signed into 2face's record,hypertek. Can you give us more information about this record label?and how the signing came about?
Dammy Krane ::: About the record label,its HYPERTEK na,top 3 in the yeah,it was all Gods arrangement...had alot of offers back then we were looking at,but when the Hypertek deal came through(courtesy my manager-Michael Umoru&his close colleague-iyad),it was obvious which way 2go...also want to use this opportunity to thank NANA ABE for having our back all through this period till date...

Recess Online ::: "My Dear" is your first single under hypertek records,what was the inspiration behind this single?
Dammy Krane ::: I no go lie,MY DEAR came up like play...was on twitter one day and my supporters were showing me mad love as usual&i thought to myself,all these people behind me,even without any material,have stayed faithful,KO LE RE BODY yin...(Meaning,God will strenghten you all,you will not be tired)they are all MY DEARs:d'

Recess Online ::: What specific genre of music are you into?
Dammy Krane ::: I call my kind of music the "new age Music" because it cuts across all genres ..

Recess Online ::: What are your Challenges or Struggles So Far?
Dammy Krane ::: Well,God has been so faithful,its all been good so far...we thank God...all is falling in place

Recess Online ::: In your career,what stage performance have you enjoyed the most and what was your worst?
Dammy Krane ::: No worst yet,but my best from the past times was in cotonou,i felt like a kind...people crying&ripping my shirt off the stage...:d'....

Recess Online ::: How do you react to people who diss/insult your music on twitter?
Dammy Krane ::: you cant please everyone,so i bless God for the very many people who love me&also thank God for those who dont,all na God bless them...

Recess Online ::: Are you in school atm? If yes what school?
Dammy Krane ::: I am currently working on a transfer from my former school(redeemers university)..1ce i settle in my new school,you shall hear...:)

Recess Online ::: Do you see yourself as a major/minor artiste in the industry?
Dammy Krane ::: Minor ke???as a man thinketh in his heart,so he is ni o!!!am young&new,but i have come a long way in such a little time,i give God the glory...i also give credit to my team and all who have ever supported me till date...

Recess Online :: How do your parents cope with your music career ?
Dammy Krane :::Well,now everyone is fine and happy as long as my music is doing well and am still a student:d'

Recess Online ::: Apart from being an artiste,what do you plan to become in future?
Dammy Krane ::: A

Recess Online ::: What are the things you do as your hobbies?
Dammy Krane ::: Sing,dance,swim,play ball...SLEEP!!!lol

Recess Online ::: Where is your favorite place to hang out? Dammy Krane ::: Hmmmm....places plenty...S/O to one of my daddys LOLU SODEINDE a.k.a LOLU REHAB!!!Rehab contributed to who i am,so yeah,its one of my all-time favorites...

Recess Online ::: Are you working on any mixtape/album ,if yes when are we to expect it?
Dammy Krane ::: will know when the time is right jor...:p

Recess Online ::: who is your favorite artiste and what inspires your music?
Dammy Krane ::: Them plenty...from the Kutis,Lagbaja,K.S.A,KWAM-1,my daddy 2FACE,9ice and more

Recess Online ::: Who do you plan to work with in the near future ?
Dammy Krane ::: Alot of people,local&international

Recess Online ::: If you were to date any female artiste in the music industry,who would you go for?
Dammy Krane ::: Pls o!!!

Recess Online ::: Where Do You See Dammy Krane  In 4 years.?
Dammy Krane ::: ON TOP by the special grace of God

Recess Online::: Something We Don’t know About you?
Dammy Krane ::: I am shyx_x

Recess Online :::  Any last words?
Dammy Krane ::: Last words ke???God forbid!!!lol....God bless everyone following the movement...keep supporting
twitter: @dammy_Krane
Bookings: 08168676203(Michael)

Also wanna give a S/O to all who made Family,Due Concerns,Big Fish,Michael Umoru,Denrele,Kolawole Ajayi,Lolu Sodeinde,Gbenga Sotubo,K.D,Kore Brown,Obafemi Martins,Sauce-kid,Aunty Toyin Lawani,Nana,Energy,Tee-Billz,Iyad,Spinlet,Hypertek and more...appologies if i omitted any...i love u all...:*

Recess Online  ::: Thank you for your time,and God bless you and your music!!!Dammy Krane ::: Bless you to boss!!!