Thursday, 21 June 2012


After a month and some weeks Nate Ogunlowo of SNAP Entertainment tells the public what caused the fall of Paranoid. An exclusive interview with Mr Ogunlowo Snap's CEO.

Question 1 ::: What really happened?

Nate Ogunlowo ::: *smiles* well I will like to call it bad business, we (SNAP ENT) made the wrong decisions. But most of the blame should be on me...

Question 2 ::: #Paranoid was supposed to be one of the biggest rave parties out of RUN (redeemers university)

Nate Ogunlowo ::: Yes it was, the publicity alone made me so confident and with the help of my director/ "shot caller" Dapo-Thomas, the party was set to shut Lagos island down.

Question 3 ::: How did the Paranoid concept come about?

Nate Ogunlowo ::: Paranoid was basically the idea of our current vice chief Akinola Babington. He had so much plans for the party but like we all know nothing went well.

Question 4 ::: Can you explain what really happened that day?

Nate Ogunlowo ::: Its really a long story. We paid money to Club Toxic's PRO who's popularly known as 69. More than half of the money was paid 2 weeks before the party and we started publicity 3 weeks to the party. on the 5th of April i noticed something was wrong because he kept on calling me to get extra 150k for the drinks. we told him we would buy drinks when the party was on. he didn't want that, he wanted us to pay the money, i ignored his calls until the morning of the party. when i finally answered he told me the club wouldn't allow us to party without paying an extra 150k. Immediately I asked him to come down to my hotel room. He came to my room and he told us about the 150k issue and to avoid embarrassment we went to get more money from our other members and we met 69 at Ozone cinemas with the money.

         The manager of the club ; Mr Richard spoke to us for about 25 minutes and said we should all meet up 9pm that very night. At 8:30pm the PRO called and said "lets pray because the management is still asking for more money. he sounded suspicious so I, my vice chief Akinola Babington and his cousin drove down to the club  and found it locked. I was not surprised and I talked to the management of Jades palace where the club is located. The management of Jades palace said they shut the club down because the club owed 15million naira worth of debts to Jades palace. My crowd was outside waiting for the party to start, then I got a call from Dpzle ( the way you whine crooner) that we should move our crowd to Q-lounge that wasn't an easy task and we got that done in minutes. Then the drama started when we got to Q-lounge and we left half of our crowd in Q-lounge and took some of our crowd to Bacchus and the party rocked till 5am.

Question 5 ::: What was the response of the public after that?

Nate Ogunlowo ::: Well the public will always be the public. People will always talk. the only thing I am happy for is that even with the change of venue twice the party still rocked.

Question 6 ::: So whats next for SNAP ENT?

Nate Ogunlowo ::: There has been a reform in the group, we dropped some members and added two new members. we are going to support so many parties this summer , but you can expect something big that's what i'll tell you for now.

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  1. It rocked so much!!!! It didn't even matter that the venue was changed