Friday, 22 June 2012


DapoThomas : Introduce us to D-gates.
D-gates : My name is Oduekun Oladapo Adeshina, born 21 November 1985

DapoThomas: How did you come up with the name D-gates?
D-gates: "D" means Dapo and "Gates" means gates to Music.

DapoThomas: How long have you been doing Music?
D-gates: Five years I guess.

DapoThomas: What was your first single?
D-gates: First appearance 2010 first Single(Out of the Blue) with a video that got airplay in and Outside Naija. Video shot by Akin Alabi.

DapoThomas: What specific genre of music are you into?
D-gates: Afro Hiphop.

DapoThomas: Details about your academic life?
D-gates ::: Graduated from Bowen university. I read Economics.

DapoThomas ::: How has your music journey being and the artistes you have worked with?
D-gates ::: Great and okay....I have worked with the likes of Reminisce,Mo-Chedda,Vector ,Orezi ,Ki1LaN(UK),DanaGog,Baron-G nd Lots More. Can't really name them.

DapoThomas ::: Apart from singing, what are your other hobbies?
D-gates ::: I started with dancing before going into music. I also love basketball and football.

DapoThomas ::: Are you working on any mixtapes or tell us about your future projects?
D-gates ::: Album?? Yep but not soon after my singles and some procedures. My next tracks are Fuji gabbage and iJo(dance)ft Orezi.

DapoThomas ::: Are you signed to any record label?
D-gates ::: Recently signed with ACE RECORDS.

DapoThomas ::: Who is your role model?
D-gates ::: Tuface.

DapoThomas ::: Who do you plan to work with in the near future?
D-gates ::: Tuface.

DapoThomas ::: Do you have a girlfriend?
D-gates ::: Nah...I'm single.

DapoThomas : Where do you see D-gates in the next four years?
D-gates ::: BIG!

DapoThomas ::: Any last words for the fans?
D-gates ::: Take it easy when you are growing roses,So you do not cultivate vegetables.

DapoThomas ::: Thank you Mr D-gates
D-gates ::: Its my pleasure *smiles*


  1. Proud of u, bro.

  2. Nice 1 D-Gate GGMUB.. U shall fulfil ur dreams IJN Amen jah bless.. Slim Jizzy

  3. AMEN! I wish yu d very best darl...Berry

  4. Gat Ur Back Blood.Gbayii Ju Ju Ju. Don Baba $wave Khalid.