Friday, 13 July 2012


It might just has well be said that the Kokomaster has found home at Shizzi’s studios after his widely reported split from Dom Jazzy as Shizzi would be working with the kokomaster on a series of tracks.
If you are going to do something, make it matter. While others made
beats, musical beats found Shizzi. Such was it that it was argued that
making beats ran in his DNA. Shizzi, the church boy, who had started
out as a drummer in the church, made it matter with heart-thrilling
beats. Having become the source of the most intriguing sensational
beats, it becomes plausible to understand why he has become the
cynosure of all eyes.

Beginning with a hands-on Fruity loops software; he would take the
plunge into the world of music and therefrom churning out amazing
works for some of African’s biggest artistes. He got his first start
and inspiration from a friend Sanmi (Nepalm). While learning how to
make beats, he hit school to shore up his knowledge base in South
Africa and there he found Maye Hunta, one bundle of talent! Moving to
SA was unique in every sense and a huge opportunity and one of them
brought him into limelight. There he made the sensational hit for Maye
Hunta, the controversial song ‘Ekaette’.
With that came a flood of opportunities for work as well as
appreciation for his exceptional talents and eccentric delivery. It
would lead him working with some big SA artists like Jozi, Speedy and
a couple of some South African house DJs.
While the world acknowledged that the hit ‘Ekaette’ was the bomb, he
went ahead to produce African’s biggest reality TV Show theme song,
the African Star in 2010. That same year he moved back to Nigeria and
a change in geography was insufficient to stop him from delivering
some of African’s weirdest hit-songs. Such came with Wizkid hit-song
love my baby’ and Davido ‘Dami duro’ which became the biggest song of
the year. There are amazing works from him which are in huge
anticipation. However, his incredible production for Wizkid ‘Body’ on
EME album has also shown that he’s unstoppable

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