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Yung6ix a.k.a Sixty, was born Onome Onokokwomo JULY 8TH 1989 in the heartland of Southern Nigeria.

Always a musically gifted mind, Yung6ix picked up the mic at a very young age. Studying the rap skills of the greatest mc’s, he created a pattern of flows so uniquely distinct that they can never be replicated. He draws his inspiration from his surrounding, and also from diverse collection of genres. Read and Learn more about Yung6ix a.k.a King Of The South from this interview

Recess Online ::: Introduce Us To Yung6ix ?(What's your real name)
Yung6ix ::: My real names are Onome .L. Kohwo

  Recess Online:::  How did the name "Yung6ix" come up"?
Yung6ix ::: Long Story , lol , well it came up while i was in secondary school , when you had to have a nickname p was a trending activity in school , it started from peeps calling me 50 , then sixty , then 6ixty , before i got official with yung6ix , till date my secondary school friends still call me 6ixty.

  Recess Online::: Are you in school atm? If yes what school?
Yung6ix ::: Yes i am on a special programme , and am sorry i already lost enough of my privacy to the lime light i think am gonna keep the name of my school to myself till i graduate ***....TONGUE OUT...****

  Recess Online ::: How long have you been doing Music?
Yung6ix ::: It has always being Part of me , i cant really Tell , but i know i started recording in 2005

  Recess Online ::: What specific genre of music are you into?
Yung6ix ::: Carter Music 

Recess Online ::: What was your first single?
Yung6ix ::: My first official single was "Follow me" featuring my bro Wizkid

  Recess Online::: How did the fans support you on release of your first single?
Yung6ix ::: It took them a while to accept it but it generated 10 times the fan base i used to have within 6 months 

Recess Online ::: In your career,what stage performance have you enjoyed the most and what was your worst?
Yung6ix ::: thus far , i'll say Nsuka , the audience were on their feet the whole time , it was a very interactive performance and the love was just unbelieveable , i didnt want to leave the stage , My worst was 4 years ago , in P.T.I warri where i currently have one of my best performances in the south , that was the second time , the first time while i was performing the mic fell from my hand , guess thats what inspired the second coming to be one of my best southern performances

  Recess Online ::: Do you see yourself as an upcoming artiste or as a Major artiste?
Yung6ix ::: I see myself as both , despite the fact that alot people tag me as MADE , to me this is just foundation of my career , so you can imagine what the building will look like . I am not just here to make HITS am here to make HISTORY .

  Recess Online ::: What are your Challenges or Struggles So Far?
Yung6ix ::: More Money More Progress , if challenges don't come before you achieve a goal, the hustle won't be interesting , every challenge motivates me , my biggest challenge is to wake up , because whenever we close our eyes it takes the grace of God to open it , and once i open it ,WE ON , every other thing is routine.

  Recess Online ::: How much love are you getting from your fans and your twitter followers?
Yung6ix ::: fair enough , i love my fans 

  Recess Online ::: How do you react to people who diss/insult your music on twitter?
Yung6ix ::: More Money More Haters ,whenever dey do such i just remember that Twitter is just an application , my account balance is whats important to me mehn lol

  Recess Online ::: What was your inspiration behind these two songs "OMG and Picking Things"
Yung6ix ::: Its the process , OMG Was the Elevation and Pickingthings is pretty much a reflection of my current financial status , Balling Things ***smiles***

  Recess Online ::: How many mixtapes/albums do you have or are in the making?
Yung6ix ::: My Green Light Green(G.L.G) mixtape is Out , came out december last year , for a new act the acceptance was mind blowing , we have groosed over 200,000 downloads/youtube views on the mixtape songs , My debut Album " 6IX "O" CLOCK "is currently what am focused on atm , but you might get an EP before that .

  Recess Online ::: Can you tell us more about your signing to storm records?
Yung6ix ::: EPIC . HISTORY shikena 

Recess Online ::: Who is your favourite artiste and what inspires your music?
Yung6ix ::: The Carters -- Lil wayne and Jay-Z , My music is inspired by life , every breathe i take has a story or a line , everytime i stare i see something to put on a record and everytime i think and feel i feel the need to express myself musically 

  Recess Online ::: Who do you plan to work with in the near future ?
Yung6ix ::: the list is too long , you can get all the feeds on 

  Recess Online ::: We have a lot of upcoming artistes in Nigeria ,who among them can you say is doing it big?
Yung6ix ::: Borex 

Recess Online ::: Lately, people have been arguing about davido and wizkid who they think is better, what can you say about this?
Yung6ix ::: Yung6ix lol 

  Recess Online ::: Apart from music,is there any other thing you do?
Yung6ix ::: Yeah, hmmm on the other nope

  Recess Online ::: How do your parents cope with your music career ?
Yung6ix ::: When you see your son on the country's number 1 news paper 6 times in one year , you have no option than to support even if its indirectly 

  Recess Online ::: What are the things you do as your hobbies?
Yung6ix ::: Watch Movies , research , read articles and reviews , play video games , hang out with friends, actually have a house party almost every week and engage myself in any activity that will educate and improve the psycological part of me.

  Recess Online ::: Where is your favorite place to hang out?
Yung6ix ::: My Crib or Naeto C's Crib and offcourse studio , both house have studios tho.

  Recess Online ::: If you were to date any female artiste in the music industry,who would you go for?
Yung6ix ::: I heard Tonto dikeh now sings .... #nuffsaid 

  Recess Online ::: Where Do You See Yung6ix In 4 years ?
Yung6ix ::: business conversations with top stake holders around the world 

  Recess Online ::: A little bit of information you haven't disclosed about yourself so far?
Yung6ix ::: AM gonna run away for my birthday , thats my plan 

Recess Online  ::: If Recess Online or any other Entertainment biz were to book you for a show or any event, what are the processes involved?
Yung6ix ::: You can reach my manager Gbemi Ereku on 08035398158 or mail

Recess Online ::: Any last words?
Yung6ix ::: Fame is a widow

  Recess Online ::: What do you think about this interview ?
Yung6ix ::: It's great , stood out from alot of interviews , i really enjoyed doing this

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