Thursday, 16 August 2012

Am I A Fool? I Am Deeply In Love With A Girl That Doesn't Care About Me

It all Began last year, i meet this cool wonderful girl and fell in love with her. i went to nigeria to meet her and luckily for the both of us, we came to europe together. Before we came, friends and families warned me that now she is coming to europe, i should bear it in mind that she would change but i never believed any of them. finally, we got to ukraine. i am a medical student so also is she too but i am a year ahead of her.
Everything was going on well, not until she started telling her friends, colleagues and acquittance that i and her were just friends. i confronted her about it and she said denied ever saying it. Luckily for me, i caught her red handed when she saying that to her friend while we were talking on phone. she was like, its the church leader, i cant tell her bla bla bla.. I didn't bring up the issue again.. but before then, i spend on her, get her gifts, and so on and so forth... But surprisingly, she doesn't get me anything.. not until i brought up the issue with her and ask her why she doesn't even care about me. she gave me flimsy excuses again.. i didn't object.. On valentines day which was early this year, i got her a present but she got me nothing.. i didn't complain.. before our first Year anniversary i noticed some changes in her. Asked her about it she was like, she's just scared.. that she has never been this long in a relationship before. i comforted her.. told her life will be beautiful.. i kept on telling her that lets live each day together as if were to be our last. The anniversary went well. after that day, she mysteriously changed. she stopped coming around, she stopped calling. so out of annoyance, i diverted all my calls because i didn't want her to call again.. i wanted to see if she was gonna miss me.. Unfortunately, i was wrong...she didn' we started having constant quarrels.

Few days ago, i called her one night at around 9:46pm, i asked her where she was, she told me she was in a cab going somewhere, i asked her where she was to going to by this time of the night, she was trying to fix in words and she said she was going to one of her friends house.. and that friend in particular has been asking her out.. i was like, what do you wanna go and do in his house, she was like, he told her to come. i said ok. then i sent her a text immediately saying i don't know what is going on between you two. but please before something happens, let me know or please cut me off. she called me instantly saying, i cant be an ingrate, inshort, i wont stay long there, i ll b going back to my hostel. i said ok. i believe you. i called her back around 11pm that same night and asked her if she was home, she said she was already home. i then told her i wanted to see her. it was urgent. she said ok. so i called a taxi to go and pick her up from her hostel. then i called her and told her the taxi was downstairs. she was like, ''do you know where i am? i am still in his house and am spending the night '' i was dumb-folded i was like but you told me you were home already, she denied every saying she was home. i was like, but i called a cab when u said you were home.. dt instant i didn't know what to do again. i told her to give the phone to the guy and i told him to please get a cab for her that i needed to see her urgently.. and the surprising thing my girlfriend asked was, hope i ll be coming back o.. i said ok no problem.

When she came, i started telling her i am tired. i dont like wat she was doing to me, she started begging, crying and she cut her hands with a knife. immediately, i changed my mood coz i didnt want her to get hurt. i then told her i have forgiven her and i still love her. i said it from my heart and i meant it. immediately, she then said she wanted to go back to the friend's apartment at around 3am in the midnyt.. i was devastated. i called the cab and she changed her mind.

The next morning, she said she was going, i was like, to ur hostel right? she said no. To his house. i didnt argue. i said ok. i called the cab. gave her all the money in my wallet. she left. Do you know that she never called me even wen she got there. i then called her and was like, u didn't call me that you have gotten there.. why? she was like she forgot, and shez sorry. i said ok. no p.
later that evening, i made dinner for the both of us and called her on phone saying i have a surprise for her and i want her to come to my place. she said she was going to think about it and she ll call to gv me her reply. i waited for hours and she didn't call. i then called and asked if she was coming, she said she's already in her hostel and she can't go out again.. i was like, why didn't you tell me u werent gonna come? u kept me waiting all these while. anyway, no problem.. so i called her on skype while we were chatting.. i noticed she wasnt the only one in her room. i asked who was with her at around 11:41pm, she said her friend. i asked, which friend she said the guy she went to his apartment. i was like, i tot u said he has gotten an apartment and wat is he doing in your room by this time of the nyt? she said nothing. out of annoyance i said goodnyt and logged off.

I then called her later and told her i have to see her. its very important. that she shld meet me in a restaurant the next day. she did keep to her promise. she came. i talked to her and told her i have been suffering in this relationship so i have deviced a means on hw to save our relationship. i told her that i am relieving her. i want her to be free. she should try who ever she wants to try and do the things she wanna do and if those things or people makes her more happier than i do. then she shld go for it. but if she doesnt, i ll be here waiting for her. i guess she didnt understand so i was removed, her passport photograph frm my wallet and told her to have it. that when she shez coming bk into my life she should bring a new photo. she refused so she walked out on me. that is from the restaurant. i followed her. i was like was it that difficult? you should have told me u werent willing to work things out wit me and u wanted out.. i would have understood. infact the moment i handed u that photograph, i was testing you. Now i know the truth. you want to be freed. the next thing she told me was DAMN ME! i was mute. she hugged me. the moment she hugged me, i tot she ws willing to change and make this better but i experienced the opposite. she said, i am gonna leave now, dont think i m leaving becos i want to. its bcos i am ashamed of myself and cant look at you in the eyes. that was how she left. i called her back countless times, i shouted her name, begged her to come back but she refused. that was how she left.. Please pals, i am torn apart. i dont know what to do again.. i feel like screaming and banging my head on the wall. please i need your opinion on what to do... It would be greatly appreciated if you all contribute and lighten my burden.. Thanks in advance.