Monday, 20 August 2012


Am a man of 27, i got married when i was 20. Since i got married, i av never slept in a seperate bed with my wife.I got married 2 my class mate after our secondary school @ d age of 20 while she was 19. Since then we have lived 2gether and shared everything 2gether. We av never sex starved each other because we love each other.But i didn't realize the importance of sex in a man's life till last year december when my family travelled a week b4 m 2 d villa 4 my wife's grand pa funeral ceremony. That week was like hell 2 m, said Ikechukwu! I could nt sleep @ night, i could not eat. All that was on my mind was sex sex sex!!! I thought of going 2 a brothel 2 satisfy myself, bt i av never entered a brothel b4. And i was scared i might meet some1 who knows my wife in a brothel. I av been faithful 2 my wife since we got married; i dn't av a mistress. So there was no girl i could tell how i feel. Even if i see 1 who would sleep with m, where will i take her 2? I have 3boys that stays with m, and they knw am a good christian. There is no how i could bring a girl in and tell them she is my sister and sleep with her in the same bed while i have a visitor's room in my flat. I thought of what 2 do 2 help myself, bt could do nothing. I tried toasting 1 girl in my compound but i couldn't spell it out 2 her because of my christian faith and the consiquences if my wife gets 2 knw abt it. I couldn't think of any good plan 2 do it in a free enviroment. I was confused!

It got so bad that i found old women attractive. Every woman was so beautiful 2 m, even d old ones. I told 1yoruba woman abt it because i knw yoruba women are very understanding in that espect. She promised 2 help m, bt i wasn't comfortable with her idea of going 2 a motel. Hmmmm...when i found out am going crazy and could put myself in temptation, i had no option than 2 travel 2 be with my wife in d village. I was d happiest man on earth that night i got 2 my wife's place. When i got there, they were greeting m, bt my mind wasn't there with them. All i wantd was sex @ that moment. My wife looked so beautiful and attractive, even her mom looked attract 2 m @ that moment. That night was the sweetest night of my marriage. I would have died or gone crazy if i had stayd 4 another week in lagos! I wonder how bachelors endure sex. Is there any alternative 2 sex? Women are the sweetest creature on earth, take it or leave it! What can a man do 2 endure no sex for 1month? I respect any grown man who cn stay 4 6months without sex bcus e no easy!Your advise please.