Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Meet The AGELESS Nollywood Beauty,Dr. Regina Askia!

No beef for Omotola or Geneive Nnaji but when it comes to beauty and looking great, there was and probably will only be one woman who defined beauty at its best.She is Regina Askia, currently a doctorate (PHD) degree holder in USA, Regina is also a certified and registered nurse - she was one of the original pioneers of the Nollywood movie industry, back then in the 90's. She now has a daughter and she lives with her family in the USA:

 As an actress, Askia-Williams starred in the following films:
Slave Warrior: The Beginning (video) (2007)
Veno (video) (2004)
Dangerous Babe (2003)
Man Snatcher (video) (2003)
Festival of Fire (2002)
Vuga (video) (2000)
Vuga 2 (video) (2000)
Dirty Game (video) (1998)
Highway to the Grave
Juliet Must Die
Maximum Risk
The President's Daughter.


  1. She is still soo beautiful after so many years...she is a classic!

  2. Wow! After winning miss nigeria mAny years bacK, She still looks gorgeouS..Am so hAppy for her,jus look At her kidS, thEy are So beAutiful