Tuesday 21 August 2012


It seems something is wrong with my love life. I believe I'm a caring and loving person but most men who come into my life are only interested in having sex with me and dumping.
In a space of 12 months (that is one year) I've date about four guys and I think every one of them was attracted to me not because they truly love me but because of the over-bloated size of my boobs.
Agreed my boobs are quite obvious and could be embarrassing, especially when I put on skimpy tops but am I the only woman with BIG boobs? I even decided in the past not to sleep with any man before marriage but that didn't work as most guys are never patient when it comes to issues of sex.
Please what can I do to shift men attention from my boobs to my personality? I really need a positive clue because am not getting any younger.
With love from Ebere. Thanks!