Thursday, 9 August 2012


Students Categories

1. Most Beautiful
She can be said to be the Agbani Darego of the whole campus. She is popular and worshipped cos of her sweet look, sexy nature and good carriage. When we say beauty, we mean the Most Natural Beauty you can ever imagine.

2. Most Popular Male ::: Female
He/She has a popularity that is worth envying. Even the gateman or the newest Member of Staff knows him/her.

4. Mr Fashionista
Call him Mr Wardrobe, Call him Mr Posh, Mr Gucci, Mr H&C etc and his head dey kanpe. He is the Male perfect example and Don of Fashion. He has lots and lots of fashion materials and accessories in his wardrobe and really does know how to combine them to give the best outlook and appeal.

5. Miss Sexy
When u talk of the curves in the right place. A babe with a very good and tantalising carriage and skin, when u want a babe worth dying for, then her hot shape makes her the Numero uno.

6. Miss Sophisticated
She is the female version of Fashionista. She can be called Miss Fashionista just that she goes a step further to making everything about her from head to toe highly sophisticated. Gists has it that she gets whatever she has on from the best of the best Boutiques around the world.

7. Student Model of d Year
He/She is currently a big time Model but still has his/her names registered as a Student of a Higher Institution of Learning in the country. You know Him/Her?

8. Most Enterprising Student
Energetic, Aggressive, Mind Blowing, Creative Thinker, Brainful, and enthusisatic about his/her work(s).

9. Best Campus Comedian
He is the future of the Nigerian Comedy. If He continues in this regard and with the energy, he is a very sure banker, a future BasketMouth, Seyilaw and even Ali Baba.

10. Best Brain (1st Class)
You know what we mean... Not just brainful, but also First Class Student and must have at most 1 year left for his/her study at the University (3rd year and 4th year of a 4yr Course, 4th year and 5th year of a 5yr Course at the University Only).

11. Mr Personality
He is good looking, he is Humble, He is a gentleman, He is creative and loaded. The main ish about him is that he DOESN'T flaunt what he's got and that makes him our Personality.

12. Rookie of d Year
Fresh but promising. Male/Female

13. Mr Flash
Its not like I love to show myself, but things I use, have and own shout itself and by that meaning, I guess I can be said to be Hot and Flashy.

14. Best of Clique
We work in group. Not for socials alone, but also academically. We re not homo though, but we basically do things together and found together most of the times.

15. Voice of D Year
He/She has the best voice you can ever imagine and hear, very sweet. What stands him/her out is that He/She uses the God-given talent (Voice) to impact the society positively in the aspects available.

16. Student Company of d Year
The outfit is a registered outfit under the laws of the land with correct Registration details and traceable. The gist is that it is OWNED by a Student. Yes, a Student of any Higher Learning owns and doubles as the CEO of the outfit. He/She deserves a mention.

17. Best club Chief
Highly followed, Very much respected and Organizes the affairs of his club excellently.

18. Best Club Boy
The only difference is just that He is a Member and not the head but looking at the tide of affairs, he is defi a Chief material.

19. Best Club Party
This particular party was madt. Attendance amazing, Personalities 1st Class, Venue and Organization nearly perfect, and even after the party, its still being talked about.

20. Club of the Year
The most 'talked about club which made waves all thru the year and has performed undisputably well.

21. Entertainment Outfit of d Year
Must be an entertaiment group either owned or run by students. They must have put together great event(s) that can not be forgotten.

22. Monies Bag
Rich, Flashy, Influential and Classy.

23. Student Sports Man/Woman of d Year
One who loves sport and plays one. Must have represented his/her school in organised games outside the shores of his constituency - College.

24. Next Rated Club
A club to watch out for in the next couple of Months and Years.

25. Best Leadership Trait
A Student Union Leader who has set out an exemplary record of good performance in office and whose ideas other student leaders respect so much and want to emulate. Open to Any Tertiary Institutions of Learning in the Country.

Youth Entertainers Categories

1. Best Youth Comedian
2. Best Youth Act (Music) Male
3. Best Youth Act (Music) Female
4. Best New Act (Music) Male/Female
5. Best New Act (Music) Diaspora
6. Song of d Year
7. On Air Personality
8. On Screen Personality
9. Best Use of Social Media
10. Best Use of Blog (General)
11. Youth Magazine of d Year
12. Best Nigerian Dj
13. Best Youth Act (Movie) Male
14. Best Youth Act (Movie) Female
15. Best Use of Blog for Cause/Advocacy
Tush Awards 2012 comes up dis November. Are U ready to mention and be mentioned?

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