Tuesday 4 September 2012


Earlier today,Fresh L decided to take a piss on twitter saying

and then went on saying other things like

You know how people have been comparing Wizkid to so many people, he has been compared to Davido once and others, Wizkid took the piss and subbed Fresh L and said

And then a fan tweeted at Wizkid and Wizkid replied

Another fan tweeted again at wizkid and said

Fresh L couldn't see wizkid's TL Cos he claimed wizkid blocked him but you know people of twitter now, RT-S and all, anyhow it finally got to Fresh L's TL and he replied

Question1: Can this be Dj Caise raping Wizkid's account to take a revenge on Fresh L? :(
Question 2 : Do you think Fresh L has what it takes to be the best rapper in lagos?
Question 3 : So With all wizkid said to Fresh L and his crew, i guess we don't expect to hear a DRB and Wizkid feature anytime soon ? :(