Wednesday 10 October 2012


Dynasty Entertainment Is An Entertainment Outfit That Deals Basically With Organizing Events , Promoting Events , Business Refurbishments , Artiste Management , Consultation And The List Is Endless
Its A Medium To Reach And Unite Our Youths Across Different Campuses And Areas
The Dynasty Entertainment Was Established In The Year 2009.Ever since Then They Have Remained A Force To Reckon With When It Comes To Bringing The Youths Fun And Entertainment. The Club Was Founded By MICHAEL LANDERS & Co-Founded By BOBBY O. Dynasty Started In Unilag But Today Has Reached Out To Other Schools Like Bells Captained By Tunde Sanni And Babcock By Ben. Dynasty Has Had Success In The Past And Present,From the On Check series, OUTBURST,OBLIVION,CRUISE etc . Amongst other collaborations and events, they are proud to state that this year would definitely be better. As They Are Gingered And Ready To Take All Universities And Everyone By Storm,With Mischievous Ideas,They Wouldnt Release For Now, But Just Know This, They Are Closing Down Lagos Again First Off With The "DO IT BIG" Beach Party This December!

Here are the names Of Their Members and their Current Positions in the Club:
1.) Michael Landers [ Chief Executive Officer/Founder ] [@Michael_Landers ]

2.) Bobby Okeke [ Vice Chief Executive Officer/ Co-Founder ] [ @That_Ugly_Nigga ]

3.) Ira Muomah [ 1st Co ] [ @Dumb_Nerd ] 

4.) Ibitayo [2nd Co / Treasurer ] [@Ibitayo ]

5.) Joshua [ Secretary ] [ @Kush_Josh]

6.) Somto [ Senior Member ] [@SomtoArmani_       ]

For More Information On DYNASTY ENTERTAINMENT :- Add 29854DF5