Saturday, 13 October 2012


Bariyah is a prolific vocalist and actress that provides us with conscious. Company vibes and groove. Her music genre, rythme and soul with an occasional fusion of pop.
 Her career/musical journey started over 10 years ago. She has recorded some success in the industry with some all time classic songs she's written and performed. Bariyah as she is popularly called has worked alongside major acts in the nigerian music industry like- "paul play" dairo, majek fashek, sunny nneji, to mention a few. She also had the rear privilege of working with a renowned international jazz act 'Al jarouh'.

 An epitome of beauty, elegance and dexterity, her passion for the music has also graced her audience with ace producers like- wole oni, nelson brown, masterkraft and chris ojo. She is a popular face on TV and has worked on several drama series from the stable of wale adenuga productions(super story, this life) is blessed with the heart of gold, thereby she has initiated "the bariyah project" that's geared towards the awareness and fight against child molestation and child trafficking(a menace that has to be controlled and banished in our society) hence the inspiration of her first single "I'M THE VOICE" from her album project that highlights the heart crys of the molested child...
 Bariyah sings, she's ever green and classic with a golden heart and a voice that will speak to and for us all..

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