Saturday 3 November 2012

Haba Naija - Nigerian Digital Home Online

Hundreds of Nigerians are getting online for the first time every day to take advantage of the vast body of knowledge, information and opportunities you can find online, one of the potential disappointment new Internet users and existing one may encounter is the fact that most online contents in English are targeted at Internet users from USA, UK and other English speaking countries, this is why Haba Naija was created, to provide quality Nigeria focused contents for newbies and savvy surfers.

Haba Naija is divided into various section which each main section hosted on its own url, the main homepage which is organised in a blog like structure is where the main contents and article are hosted. The article are on various topics ranging from how to start a small thriving business in the most rural part of Nigeria to how to set up your Internet connection. Each and every article is written by an expert or someone with first hand experience of the topic they are writing about. 

Haba Naija's homepage links to forum, where topics from the main site and a wider range of topics can be discussed, you do not always have to discuss topics started by the administrator of the site, you can always start the topics you want to share with others.  Haba Naija Forums topic is even more wide ranging than the topics featured on the main site, some of the additional topics you can find on the forum that is not on the man site includes Politics, Entertainment etc.  To participate in the discussion all you need to do is join Haba Naija forum

Haba Naija is not all work and no play, there is a section in the forum where you can chill out, chat and joke with other members, you can also win prizes from one of the regular contest and competitions help by Haba Naija.

We invite you to join Haba Naija free of charge by registering at our forum or visit our Facebook or G+ page, follow us on twitter @Haba_naija