Friday 7 December 2012

Aduke' Presents ASAP Reforms (Art for Social and Political Reforms)

ASAP Reforms is a movement for social- and political reform through art. [Lagos, Nigeria] The performing (Music/Drama/dance) Act 'ADUKE'; formally presents her initiative tagged ASAP Reforms, with the sole aim of effecting social-Political reforms through various art forms. ASAP Reforms as an organization, aims to use various art forms to communicate socio-political messages to cause positive change in the society. Major art forms used by the group include (but not limited to) spoken word, visual arts, music, dance, poetry and drama. ASAP Reforms as an advocacy group would concentrate on such issues that affect humanity stemming from the decadence of culture and tradition. In ancient African society, art was used as a tool for social and political reform; with masquerades, drummers, chanters etc. who had multiple roles in the society. Their main function was to entertain people, but was still able to communicate messages of change. Back then, our spiritual institutions and morality were intact, as these artists would speak against any ill in the society irrespective of who was involved. It is this model that ASAP Reforms adapts in a more 22nd century format and Spearheaded by the award winning act 'Aduke'. ASAP reforms draw
inspiration from the ancient African form of entertainment, education and information. ASAP Reforms would over the next few months embark on various publicity moves to get these issues across all and sundry. There would be 'Walks',drama pieces, viral videos, workshops & seminars, documentaries, art exhibitions, channeled to spread the messages. For more information on this project
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