Thursday 27 December 2012

M-Lake & Toby Octave – THE LIMIT [Official Sound Track + Trailer]‏

M-lake and Toby Octave's Musical Collaborations Has been what ur ears can't get enough of ,ever since songs like Fuji concoction,Okanlomo,One chance and Shey Normal ,to mention a few we've not stopped talking about dis guys.

This time they decided to Take a break from the Norm,a break from what we've known dem to be (Singers).
M-lake apart from being a Singer, he is also a Video director and has done Notable works Ranging from Music Videos to Tv Montages etc (BothwayzProduktionz) ,and Toby Octave Apart from being a Singer has been nursing d Ambition of being an actor so dey decided to Collaborate on this one again with the Help of other friends Like Sexy Blaize (Dancer) ,Wale Watch it (Dancer) ,Maffy'Ozo (Rapper) and Dashing Lollipop (Actress),They Uniquely and Creatively tell a Story of how an Oppressed Young Man Fought Back with the Magical Powers Casted upon him by a Strange Spiritual Being (Devil) in his Dreams,titled The Limit.

The Limit is an Action Fantasy 15 Minutes Short Movie dat would be Available for Online Streaming and Downloads for Free and This is the First Official Trailer and the Official Sound Track for You to Enjoy.