Saturday, 26 January 2013


With the surge of rappers  dropping punch lines on much slower paced beats in 2012, the question of whether the industry is about to take a cue from the 90s.
Many love his music, yet had no idea what he looks like. An army of fan base back-home, demanding for well-deserved stage appearances, coupled with serving his fatherland came at the right time. Ajebutter has a style which is ”basically funky”, imbibed in Afro Beat, and  word play with witty lyrics from the M.SC holder could be the next big thing in the industry.
HHW (HIP HOP WORLD MAG) spent time with the lanky rapper as he shares his story…

HHW: When did you start your musical career?
Ajebutter22: It started in 2009 with my sister Temmy B. We started a group called Soyinka’s Afro but I’ve been solo for about a year now. A year and four months
HHW: Why did you choose to do music?
Ajebutter22: I didn’t choose to do music. It was always there. I was never an acting guy. As a hobby, it was always gonna be music. I used to listen to music 24/7. I remember i had a ‘discman’ i used to listen to Ja Rule’s album on it with my sister. Even Mode 9Pentium IX, i’ve always been a music head.
HHW: Tell us about your style of music
Ajebutter22: I don’t think i have a definitive style, so to speak. I have my own particular sound, my sound is basically funky. Something like afro beat with funky house in a way. That’s my main sound. But for what you’ll always find in music, even if I’m featuring with someone else is witty lyrics. That’s what defines my sound and my deep voice.
HHW: What inspires you musically?
Ajebutter22: I get inspired by my environment and things around me. Real life situations are my biggest inspiration
HHW: What would you say you need to make your dreams come true?
I need money to make my dreams come true. I’m just joking. I need time, to be honest. Anytime soon, my dreams will come true. Amen.
HHW: Who are your role models?
Ajebutter22: Not really, i don’t have role models. But people that i’ve looked up to all through my career, Mode 9. I started off listening to a lot of Mode 9 and try to be smart ike him. So that was the first person i looked up to. And i looked up to Kanye West as well. He really takes his environment and what he sees and puts it into his music. I also listen to Drake and J. Cole a lot. So those are the people that lined up my career the way it is
HHW: Why would you say you are the next big thing?
Ajebutter22: I didn’t say i’m the next big thing in Nigerian music (laughs)
Why can i be the next thing. I can be the next because i make music that people can relate to and i speak like a Nigerian. So, if put everything together. Plus i have a really good producer, Studio magic. Everything together is good stuff.
HHW: You just shot the video for Omo Pastor
Ajebutter22: Yes i did. It’s been a long time coming. Sesan directed it and i like how the shoot went
HHW: What was the experience like?
Ajebutter22: It was really funny. The song is jokes and were just having fun. That really made it live
HHW: Not too many people know that you’ve been in London studying. Are you back in Nigeria for good?
Ajebutter22: I was suffering ooh in the overseas. I was reading my book. I studied Petroleum Engineering in Leeds then i went to Manchester for my Masters. Engineering Project Management. That’s where i met Segun my manager. So things kicked off from there
I just moved back to Nigeria in October, when i finished my Masters, so i’m currently doing my Youth Service; Serving my fatherland, at the same time making songs.
HHW: Are you going to make a career of what you studied or are you going to focus on your music?
Ajebutter22: Only time will tell. If i’m going to do music forever or just drop it. If people don’t buy my songs, i’ll go and be an engineer now, abi..!
HHW: What inspired ‘Omo Pastor’?
Ajebutter22: I get asked this a lot. It wasn’t like there was one person in my life that i was writing the story about, it was just a situation. I was going out with my guys one night. Saturday night and there was church the next day, sunday.  So, some girls were going out. We were going to a club called ‘Sekura’ and i was like “O nlo si Sakura, ola o de ma lo gba dura”. So that was what sparked the whole idea for me to write the whole ‘Omo Pastor’
HHW: Anything you’re working on?
Ajebutter22: My debut project is “Anytime Soon”. It’s all produced by ‘Studiomagic’ because it’s a collaboration album. They produce all the tracks and i make all the awesome songs.
HHW: How soon can we expect it?
Ajebutter22: I can’t say for sure when it’s going to be out. The video for ‘Omo Pastor’ is going to be out ending of January, by God’s grace