Wednesday 23 January 2013

IROKING-endorsed act, NEJ Comes Through With The Official Video For "TONIGHT"

Directed by Tosin Igho for IGH-Films, the official video for NEJ's "Tonight" depicts sensational scenes starting from the club zone and on to the pool side, alongside some amazing dancers of hers. The song, which was released in the month of October in 2012, garnered its fair share of the internet buzz via an online community spanning from blogs to online magazines, online radios and even some DJ Recordpools; it also made it's radio premiere on RayPower 100.5 FM's "Power Play" and isn’t doing badly on a couple of others as well. The Iroking-endorsed artiste got on to shoot a video for this song in the latter days of November in 2012 and was graced with cameo appearances from Danny Young, Frenzy, Tito da Fire and El-Emcee.