Saturday 12 January 2013


After a whirlwind christmas that saw the DRB boys perform at 12 shows, shoot 4 videos and headline their very own show at Harbour Point, Lagos and was brought to you by Flytime Entertainment, its safe to say the boys from DRB have fully stated their intent on being the next big thing in the Nigerian music industry.
They kick off 2013 with this high energy club banger produced by Selecta's very own GB, who is quickly establishing himself as a hit maker.
3Kingz allows the rappers Teezee and FreshL to flex their lyrical prowess and show they can go toe to toe with any of the industry's greats, and BOJ aka BOJONTHEMICROPHONE does what he does best with his rough baritone voice and lays down a superb hook with a very clear message to all listeners that they are DRB and are here to stay.