Thursday, 10 January 2013


EFFECT (aka) 'So Effective' is no doubt a talented song-writer, composer, singer, and a versatile vocalist who has come to stay in the Nigerian Music Industry. His music has got a name, it is called CYCLOPAEDIC MUSIC.
That is, his music speaks of many things. At times he goes religious, at times he goes philosophical, the next time he goes sentimental. His lyrics show complete home-work and deep-thinking. When you listen attentively to his songs, you will find out that each song has its own message to deliver. EFFECT grew up listening to idols and veteran musicians such as Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Fela, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Lionel Richie, Michael Bolton, Brian mc Knight, R. Kelly, Snoop Dogg, Bob Marley and many others. His artistic influence come from various musical genres ranging from Jazz to Rock, Hip-Hop/R&B, Pop, Gospel, Highlife, and more. All of that plus his experience has made him nothing short of a seasoned to the core music maker. Being a graduate of Business Education (B.Sc), a passionate singer, a talented song-writer, and having chosen music as a career, upon all odds, he promises to be one of the next big thing to happen in the Nigerian entertainment industry in the near future. He's out with his official debut single titled I NO DEY GO. It features YUNG CHIDO, one of Nigeria's hip-hop head to watch out for. Yung Chido is not new to the Nigerian music industry as he has got some singles to his credit and has featured in so many songs including the popular SHAYO (remix) by BIGIANO. I NO DEY GO is written by EFFECT and produced by one of Nigeria's prolific producer, PASSWORD. Who produced the monster hit song 'Champion' by General Pype which later became the Super Sports theme song. He has also written and produced on Darey's album, and has worked with the likes of Bigiano, Safarie, Del Bee, to mention a few; with yet to be released international projects.
There are no words eloquent enough to describe this song 'I NO DEY GO'. It is beautiful beyond description. Why? Because the singer, rapper, and producer has exhibited talent and musical skills in the song. It is not a dance track, you can not 'Azonto' to this song but the beautiful sweet rhythms and the superbly magnetic voice of the singer flowing through the crunck beat, will no doubt keep your head banging and guaranteed to give each and every listener a complete music satisfaction. CYCLOPAEDIC MUSIC proudly presents to you, EFFECT's official debut single, "I No Dey Go". It is FRESH, it is far from the regular commercial songs we hear this days in Naija, it reps the voice from the street, it is dedicated to every hustler in Naija, men and women, old and young, who still believe they can make it 'here' without travelling abroad to engage in illicit acts just for the sake of making it big overseas. It is laced up with concious lyrics that passes a message... It is sure an  evergreen song!!! If you love goodmusic, hit the download link and enjoy!