Friday 18 January 2013


Justina a.k.a Omo2sexy  is one of Nigerians’ most promising acts. At her early teens she
started her career. Her ability was first officially recognized in Nigeria when she emerged
the first runner-up at the Nokia First Chance talent show. She later took bold steps in the 
industry when she dropped her first ever single “Omo2Sexy”. The super infectious Pop
song “Omo2Sexy” formally brought her to limelight in 2008.
Justina is an entertainer par excellence and perfectly combines various elements of music 
genres to compliment her vocal prowess which is a modern and original mix of R n B,Soul,
Hip-hop and Afro Pop not forgetting a generous helping of Dance in her very own style.
In Europe she’s known as Justina Lee Brown and She graced live stages in Switzerland,
Germany,Spain,Austria,Italy,France,UK, East and West Africa, She is an extremely talented 
singer and composer at concerts, always thrilling her audience with unbridled energy and
creativity on stage which she has flawlessly demonstrated over the years. For the last six 
months, she’s been on her 2012 Europe Tour with her Band and just arrived in Naija with her 
new singles..