Thursday, 31 January 2013


I see the signs, I give the warnings and I hear the explosions as they go boom and make flames in the air. I am not a prophet but I am the writer on this blog. What I see is what I write, I see Nollywood explode and Time Code is the movie that will pound the alarm; I see it will give movie lovers a reason to troop out in their numbers to the cinemas. It is the movie I see as the straw that will totally break the half broken back of the camel for Nollywood and take the entertainment industry to a brighter spotlight. I see it will shed light into the dark thoughts of those that see nothing good in Nigerian movies. I see Time Code will gratify our screens with a touching story of romance spiced up with suspense and action in its most amazing way.
The movie will be the debut movie for CHUKWUMA GENESIS OZIOMA and it will be more than just a movie as it will create a lasting impression on the minds of viewers and the actors. It will be shot in Lagos, Nigeria and Los Angeles, America and funny enough something else I see is that you can be a part of this blockbuster; as far as you are between the age of 18-35,can speak fluent English and you believe you have what it takes to set the screen on fire.
Time code is fast approaching and I am sure you want to fly with the stars
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