Friday, 8 February 2013


E.C.H.O CYPHER- A visual platform for expression, built for maximum creativity for 
all HIP-HOP artists. This platform covers all elements of hip-hop, ranging from MCing,
DJing, B-boying to Graffiti. Basically our aim is to create a level ground for all HIP-HOP
heads to interact, to put a face to the names of all HIP-HOP artists, to create a hip-hop 
gallery, and to also showcase all the elements of Hip-hop in a positive way.
E.C.H.O stands for, Energy, Culture, Hip-Hop, Originality. On the E.C.H.O platform we
have Live video cypher recording sessions, exclusives videos recording for different talented
artists, spoken word, photo shoot session and poetry. On the platform we've had Rapsodee, 
Choice, Provabs, GameMan, Wallz WordCykic, Protek, Damage, Pathogene, D-Truce, Fecko,
MCskill,ThaPreacha just to mention a few.

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