Friday 5 April 2013



Grand Empire Dreams Entertainment also known as GED,started of in September 2011.  its  main aim is to provide entertainment for the youth through : parties, music etc. They have brought to us parties like : lowkey, LUST the house party   and now this year 2013! they are bringing to us LUST 2 epic summer party. Lowkey and LUST have been successful drawing in the crowd and giving the people more than what they expected. there were drinks in abundance, barbecue dey plenty not tho talk of the awesome music and the good time the people had. It was not a let down and come JULY 25th LUST2 epic summer party wont be a let down as well we have got loads in stock for you all! we have a performer and he sure is worth it and a special guest artist.Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend to come lets shut it down nicely this summer.
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Check out few photos from LUST 1 below.....