Sunday 7 April 2013


Paul Ukonu: Style Night is pleased to present its 2nd Lifestyle Event- Photography Exhibition. 
Curated by Priscilla Philips, Art Gallery: Tribe Africa, : Posh Café: the exhibition will hold on April 12th, 2013
This exhibition is a diverse expression of beauty, African godess history and Art of 26 year old photographer from Abia State. He shares a common interest in capturing specific moments and situation using the photographic image as a starting point with a variety of ending goals. Before which he started as a documentary photographer and presently settling in Fashion and Art photography
Ogbanje Exhibition is an expression of Artist photography depicting the divine beauty of the African woman that seems so perfect
Because he feels there is so much interesting and exciting work being done today in photography and because part of Nigeria’s lifestyle history on beauty in Africa shares a connection with mermaid. The mission is to give exposure to outstanding under-known work of photography Art in Nigeria
“the multiplicity of creative expression in photography today is staggering. I was inspired by the ability of some photographer/artists to capture unique moments of reality – how objects come alive with photography”
Exhibitor - Paul Ukonu