Wednesday 22 May 2013

[FASHION] - Maki Oh Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

Hey guys. It's been long hasn't it? Well I apologize  School has been really hectic these last couple of days and I'm drowning in the stress. Right now as I'm typing all of this, I'm still in my school uniform. I just felt that a post was due so I decided to share a post with y'all.
                            Maki Oh is an amazing brand and their Fall/Winter collection was very impressive. It was inspired by the art of hair threading and is so beautiful. Although the pieces look modern and Western, there is a hint of African heritage in the designs. For example, the local fabric 'Adire' was used. It's a beautiful collection and I love it. I hope you do too. I picked my favorite pieces from the collection .xx

Love the lilac and white combo. I also
love the way the models are stiff. It makes one
focus on the clothes.
Gorgeous Print
This is my favorite

The pants look so chic. Don;t really like the
top though.
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