Sunday, 12 May 2013


THEMES MAGAZINE Issue2; Out this 13th May.
With our own 9ja born Super Model in South-Africa David Alechenu gracing the cover page. An informative FREE magazine with a concept and mission so unique, it combines the readability and interest of a magazine-the best of both Aims magazine. Aims magazine was founded upon the passionate idea to provide a platform for the discovery, nurturing and exposure of talented youths worldwide and to create an enabling environment where youths on one hand and the corporate chieftains on the other hand can interact in terms of intellectual competence and mutual benefit.
Our organization, Aims magazine, is poised to achieve the goal to inspire us and make every individual feel a little less alone in the day in day out struggles, hopes and dreams.
A publication filled with balanced, cutting edge, informative and educational articles both local and international, Entertainment & lifestyle, Health, and inspirational stories. It is to enrich and enhance the lives of those we come across.