Wednesday, 26 June 2013


NAYOSOUL', born Odunayo Ayorinde, is a Nigerian Soul/Jazz singer, Vocalist and songwriter.
Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Nayosoul she listened to her grandmother and sisters sing in the choir and later explained that this may have inspired her interest in music. 
When she was 17 or 18 years old, Naysoul started writing lyrics for music touching on any topic that came to mind, especially Christian music. Her primary singing experience came from "singing in the shower". She was groomed in the Church choir and started taking 'solos' at the age of 14 where she one day discovered her love for soul/jazz music.

An impeccable songwriter, her music is rooted in Jazz music, soul music, blues of the past and indie music. Still grounded in the urban sound of today however, Nayosoul fuses a number of the music elements she grew up listening to and inspired by her surroundings, she writes the most relatable songs.
With tracks such as Veronica, Ditty Ditty O, Acoustic Recording of Rhythm of the Sound and more, work on ʽJourney to Selfʼ dragged out for over nearly one year due to her pursuit for perfection and musical integrity. The EP is a graft of neo-soul music, acoustic sessions, dubstep music and pop soul style productions.
The 1st single off the EP titled ʽGo where you areʼ is due for release on the 26th. The pop soul song inspired by music from Asa and Bruno Mars is produced by IBK, mixed and mastered by IKON of Syndik8 records. 
NΑYOSOUL cites Nneka, Asa, Janelle Monae, and Bruno Mars as important influences on her music.

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