Sunday 2 June 2013


How did it all start?

I've been making music professionally for 3years now, but it all started
back when I was in kings college with close friends who shared similar

How does inspiration come for you?
By jus living my life, I meet several people who share their experiences
with me plus my own experiences . These things inspire my subject matter in
my music and the wide range of music I listen to as well

Which comes first the beat or the lines/chorus?
Honestly it varies, sometimes I write the so g or have it in my head before
I go into the studio and lookout for a beat that it could sync with or I
could just hear a beat and decide to go on it

Why did you leave Play Records?

On the contrary it was play records decision to terminate out contract

Whats next?
Right now I'm just taking things one at a time, I don't feel like in off a
record label , I'm I dependent now but it all feels the same

What projects are you working on? Collabos?

Right now I'm working on my mixtape which is due to drop sometime during
summer . I want to keep the Collabos under the wraps for now

Which musicians and producers would you like to work with?

Wow..hmmm...well I would surely like to work with Sarz and Nneka in Nigeria
Where do you see yourself in the next 5yrs?
In 5 years I pray I'm seen as a pioneer of a new kind of sound in Nigeria
with at least 3albums strong