Thursday, 5 September 2013

[FEATURED] 5 Siblings Competing In The Nigerian Music Industry (By TObie_swiZZ)

Over the last decade the Nigerian music industry has evolved rapidly and become diverse in many ways, opening the way for many competitions in many different aspects. One interesting aspect of these healthy competitions has to be between blood brothers or sisters, in this piece the individual careers of some of the most successful siblings in Nigerian music would be reviewed to see who is more successful, under achieving, who has a bright future ahead among other things.

Ikechukwu Vs Uzikwendu
Ikechukwu a.k.a E Killz, has had a very eventful career in his many years in Nigerian music since his debut in 2004. Initially under Storm Records releasing two albums and songs that received massive airplay like; Ikechukwu, Shobedoo and Whine am well with the then mohits duo (D'banj and Don Jazzy), he then had a formidable friendship with rap superstar Naeto C in his early career which brought about WFA (world famous academy). After the second album, E Killz left for greener pastures in mohits records where he got a bigger fan base with hits like Critical, but this was to be short lived as he had a falling out with a member in the clique which led to his exit. After mohits his career was quite uneventful until he teamed up with Xela in the release of Bulieoto which was followed by the release of some other songs which have been gaining airplay around, he's currently bossing his long time creation in World Famous Academy. Not a bad career for E killz as he holds almost a decade of experience in the industry and a fairly sucessful careeer. Uzikwendu a.k.a Uzi on the other had has just managed to release his breakout single in Faster (Osiso) about 2 years ago, has made some appearances in some A list shows and videos. A decent prospect for the industry but has hardly kick started his career.

Sound Sultan Vs Baba dee
The legendary sultan, bossing the Naija Ninjas label has had a very eventful career, one of the brightest and the most consistent till date since his release of Mathematics in 2002. From this street anthem evolved one of radio's most familiar names in the last decade from songs like bush meat, very good bad guys, to his latest hit natural something sultan is one of the few success stories in the industry from the last decade. In contrast Baba Dee is another successful artist but has often been inconsistent this usually comprises of long haitus from the radio then a sudden re-entry with a very impressive song, this sums up his whole career. As many would say he is a great artist they would agree that sultan is argurably the better and more successful of these siblings.

M.I Vs Jesse Jags
M.I a.k.a the short black boy was officially the first rap artist introduced to the public by music label and entertainment company, Chocolate City. His introduction brought about one of the most commercially successful albums in Nigerian Rap in his debut "Talk About It" this was the rapper's rise to fame, fortune and recognition. He had another successful album but not as critically acclaimed as his first, since then he has to some extent grown lyrically weak, the ruthlessness lacking, seems he's now all about the money. Jesse jags on the other hand was the second introduction in the chocolate city camp and released his debut cd "Jag Of All Trades" not
as commercially successful as his brother but was well received by the public. Jags was more of the producer and over the years made beats and produced many hit songs like Oleku, Action Film, Ara amongst others. Over the years he became dissatisfied with his position in the choc city camp and this year he decided to leave, forming his own label and releasing his sophomore cd titled "Jags Nation" he currently looks more ambitious than his elder brother and this year it can be said he is doing better than M.I.

D' Banj Vs Kay Switch
D' Banj the koko master is arguably the hottest African star since the last year. His high profile record deal with G.O.O.D music being the major reason for this also lead to the then shocking break up of him and close friend Don Jazzy in music; anyways he's a huge star worth millions and millions of dollars doing what many Africa artists have found difficult, going Internationally. He has been noticed by his new audience so far who would still expect more but so far locally he released an album for his label called "DKM" and is virtually everywhere; from the radio, to sold out shows, countdowns online blogs and more. Kay Switch on the other hand as D' Banj's younger brother has finally gotten a chance to show off all that potential under his brother's label DB Records. Smash hit "Sister Caro" didn't leave him unnoticed last year and this year has even been better for the lad; series of collaborations and a couple of hits under his belt have put him on the radio and the club houses too for sometime now. D' Banj is a world star and Kay Switch is a rising star.

Don Jazzy Vs D' prince
Super Producer Don Jazzy has obtained a legendary statusin Nigerian music and has a great profile in the public eye. One of the most likable Nigerians in present times, Don Jazzy's music speaks for itself hardly taking credit for his vocals in many hits orchestrated by him. The Don would rather sit down and plan the structure of a song to gain rapidly the attention of his audience, his beats have always been a joy to behold; a mix of several melodies with afro beat, a slow piano interlude or a hardcore street beat Jazzy does them all with distinctions if I may add. D' Prince on the other hand has bn credited more for his hardwork as this can be viewed to be his strong points boasting of multiple radio hits and fan favorites the afro beats singer has established himself in the market since his introduction in 2009, ensuring he stays out of the shadow of his elder brother Prince is also a hustler for great music. As many times he goes out from the comfort of his super producer brother to make hits, this explains his versatility. In comparism with other siblings on this list I believe this sibling competition is the biggest and most challenging as these two keep on fighting to the top with or without the help of each other.

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