Monday 9 September 2013

[FEATURED] Bespoke Fashion Magazine Plans 1st Fashion Week

With more fashion houses springing up in the country by the day, Bespoke Fashion Magazine as reiterated its desire to help move the fashion industry to the next level by using its editorial content and planned fashion week to expose Nigerian fashion to the world.
With five thousand all glossy page print out, the monthly journal hopes to franchise Bespoke Fashion Magazine to 3 major countries in Africa and 5 major countries Europe including USA.

Onamusi Tolulesan, Editor of the magazine, spoke on the fashion week which Bespoke Fashion Magazine plans to organize and why the magazine is debuting in-a-not-so-profitable Nigerian media industry.
” Knowing fully well that this is the first Bespoke fashion magazine in this part of the world, Bespoke Fashion Magazine(BFM), a newly owned Nigerian brand that showcases the new styles in the fashion world by best fashion designers and brands from Nigeria and also beyond. We intend giving our readers the best of new fashion styles trending in Nigeria”.
On the magazine’s fashion week, Onamusi said; “We would be organizing a fashion week soon which will feature different Nigerian fashion outfits, and the week will also serve as launch for Bespoke Fashion Magazine”.