Friday, 27 September 2013


One of the many reasons musicians spot signature looks is so they can be easily identified in a crowd; especially in a crowded industry. In the struggle for uniqueness, some have gone on to wear dreadlocks, Jerry Curls, Mohawk and other eye popping hairstyles. Super talented producer Jesse Jagz is one of many Nigerian acts that has experimented with his music and his hair over the years.

Jargo as he is popularly called, has arguably evolved in looks than most acts. Since debuting with a low cropped hair to Baby dreadlocks, blonde patches, then to the popular red patch and now Corn rows; Jesse just keeps changing his signature style. The former Choc City signee in a chat with Hiphopworld said he was just trying to pass a statement with the red hair which complimented one of his many Monikers – Red Rasta. Now Jesse Jagz who has just released a new album “Jagz Nation Vol. 1- Thy Album Come” is now rocking cornrows. Jesse Jagz is a man of many sounds and hairstyles. We wonder what he will try next? Till then check out his new hair-do below..