Friday, 20 September 2013


Actor, Model, Beat maker and Rapper  Lumi-D on his debut track delivers sweet wordplay over a chilled beat 
that will get you thinking and appropriately titles the song 'I'm Ready'. 
 Olumide Oworu who's been acting and modelling for over a decade has always had music as a hobby.
 From winning countless rap battles and performing at school events while at King's College Lagos, he finally
 is ready to go mainstream and showcase his rap talent that'll change your perspective on the rap industry. 
With his rapid rise to stardom, Olumide Oworu 'Lumi-D' shows us through his lyrics and physical attitude that
 he'll forever remain down to earth and thankful to those who helped him reach where he is right now. 
His style, His delivery and His lyrics are smooth and very relaxed. 
Watch out for what this chill rapper is going to drop next. 
Joint's available for download below.....