Wednesday 16 October 2013

[FEATURED] Nigerian-British Producer, Eminik Signs Licensing Agreement With MTV

The emerging super record producer by the name of Eminik from Liverpool, UK (born to Nigerian parents) has just signed a Licensing Agreement with MTV
Consequent to this, a spokesperson revealed that the agreement was fully approved and legislated on Friday the 11th of October by Viacom International Inc. (the parent company to MTV & VH1 - New York) on the release of his new single "Hope". 
Eminik was recently added to MTV's list of new acts also with an official artist page on their website. Following a brief interview with the producer, he ackowledged that the whole thing happened like a drama; he said "I didn't even see it coming, it all happened pretty quick & i'm amazed by it".
Last thursday, he posted a messaged on his Instagram where he encouraged his fans to wish him luck! The Viacom Music & Media Licensing team (headquarters in New York) contacted Eminik shortly after he launched his new single on iTunes & other major stores. Their editors & licencors were pretty astonished by the sounds of his tunes and deemed that the producer has got a lot of potentials that could establish a new trend in modern music industry.

So in accordance to the Agreement, all his new songs/albums to come will be exclusively supported, promoted & protected by MTV on the basis of perpetuity, giving him a whole new foundation to further on with his ever-growing music career. If you still haven't yet discovered who this super Nigerian-British producer is, you might be missing out. He's set to make both Nigeria & Africa proud.