Sunday, 30 March 2014


" I'm not writing this to disrespect the Nigerian Army, but simply to reason with them.
Honestly it took me about a month to decide to either write this or not. Years back the Nigerian Army asked the general public to stop the usage of camouflage, after discovering that some people were using it to perpetuate evil. That was totally understandable, but then the fashion world took a new turn and started making casual clothes with a little camouflage pattern on them.
This new style made it possible for any reasonable person to know that anybody putting it on is definitely  not in the military, except with a show of proof. But still the "thugs who own uniforms" still harass people for putting on this shirts, short or trousers, some even harass civilians who wear shoes with camouflage pattern. Which is very annoying because the Army doesn't make camou shoes.
In the recently released open letter, it was mentioned that celebrities wear the camou and disrespect it. Jesse jags was the focal point of that issue, so as an up-coming artist and a big fan of Jesse jags, I apologize to the Army but still I'm sure he meant no disrespect.
Here are 3 reasons why I strongly believe that Jesse meant no disregard to the Army.
1. Jesse couldn't have been smoking marijuana in that video, reason being that he would have police officers at the location of that video shoot and judging from the brilliance of the music he makes, he is not stupid enough to have what he will get arrested for with him on that set.
2. All the director needs is smoke coming out of Jesse's mouth, so for all we know he could have been smoking cigarette or even rolled up paper for christ's sake.
3. The last and most obvious point is that, the jacket had no rank on it which made it obvious that jesse wasn't trying to disrespect the Army.
Even with all this been said I still apologize on Jesse's behalf.
"Why worry about the speck in your friend's eye when you have a log of wood in yours" this an adage probably  no one in the Army knows about (no offense) because I don't understand why celebrities are targeted while even soldiers smoke weed in their uniforms on the street, oh yes! They do, honestly they do it with confidence too, because the so called police force that is meant to arrest people doing such are sacred of even the Army recruits, oh yes! They are scared of the Army. I know the excuse the Army might give for targeting the celebrities maybe that they are role models, yes we know they are, but may I remind you that some kids out there dream of being in the Army one day, so please try to "get the log out of your eye". With all that has been said, I'm going to hit the nail on the head. The Army should please allow we civilians wear our casual cloth that have camou designs on them without being harassed. Coming to think of it if the military wants the camou all to themselves, they general public can fight for the plain casual clothes to belong to us too, so as to be "differentiated" like the Army wants, after which the only cloth any soldier will own will be the camouflage.
I really don't know why people who have relations in the Army are allowed to wear casual clothes with camouflage on them, while we who don't have relatives in the Army have to be beaten and stripped half naked. It is crazy and very annoying because when a soldier stops someone the fist thing they ask is "your papa na soldier" after which hell breaks loose because the answer was "no".For christ's sake I keep wondering if having a relative in the Military made someone a military personnel too? If the answer is no then excuse my language, that is FUCKED UP!!! And also very bias.
The Army should please let us wear our clothes without being harassed and should kindly show to  the general public the law that allows the beating and stripping. Or is it that the Army can find out that artists wear camou n smoke in videos but doesn't know that officers strip people, sorry I meant to write CITIZENS!!!! like I said I have written this to reason with the Army on behalf of every citizen and not to disrespect them. This is because the public wants to know why the Army allow people with relatives in the Army to put on camou but humiliate those who don't. But honestly we feel the ARMY IS JUST MAD THAT CAMOU LOOKS GOOD ON US BUT LOOKS LIKE S#*T ON THEM so they let their relatives wear it to compensate themselves.
By @Gnr_swizz

P.S: please we love our casual camou, STOP THE HARASSMENT,LET US WEAR IT!
P.S.S: Incase yall come looking for me I don pack my load commot lagos ".

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