Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Muyiwa Olofinkuade popularly known Jazzman Olofin is back with a bang and it is titled "Juleke".  
Born on the 3rd of an August in the 70’s in Agege, suburb of Lagos Nigeria, Jazzman Olofin’s (real name Olumuyiwa Olofinkuade Olajide) found his ear for music at the age of ten sitting quietly on the wings and watching his siblings perform in the choir of St Andrews African Church Iju-Lagos. An instinct for understanding tones, lyrics and musical arrangement grew in him….
“Boiling point”  “Mr Funky” and “Fire”  are three of his album and he was formerly with the group “X Appeal” when they released  their album “Big Mess”. He has done collaborations with Ruggedman, Blackky, Julius Agwu, Sasha, Dare Art Alade, GT. Guitarman, Paul Play Dairo, Adewale Ayuba,Musiliu Haruna Ishola e.t.c.

Having worked with labels like CORPORATE PICTURES,KENNIS MUSIC,STORM RECORDS etc Jazzman is currently running his own outfit “Jazzman Olofin entertainment. He is also affiliated with S.C.A.M. entertainments, a production company run by his close friend and ace producer OJB Jezreel.

Taking a cue from the title of one of his albums “Boiling Point”, Boling indeed is the true state of his mind…the burden of his passion and the desire to shower the world with the gifts of his heavy black soul…He wants to raise da roof with the mic glued to his hands and let the music sHe is presently working on a fresh album project. Track in his current promotional Endeavour is titled: - Let them Say.

Enough said... Enjoy this new single produced by Ebenjazz.