Tuesday, 27 May 2014


With the kidnap of over 200 young Chibok girls at the hand of terrorist group Boko Haram now spanning over four weeks, the campaign to bring these children back home has extended beyond Africa to the rest of the world. The unfortunate situation has touched millions around the world and highlighted a number of pertinent issues affecting children and women in Africa, and now 14 female African artists are lending their voices to the #BringBackOurGirls and female empowerment global campaigns by releasing a collaborative charity single titled "Sistas Unite".

Ezi Emela, Shiikane, Amal Fashanu, Ada Snoop, Mrs Melodey, Honey B, Faye Roux, Vicky Sola, Zafi B and more join executive producer May7ven on "Sistas Unite" to not only address the current state of Nigeria, but also to promote female empowerment, bring hope and raise the profile of women by becoming united! "Very rarely do women collaborate or come together in music and other industries so I wanted to unite us and break boundaries with an all African female line up for a cause greater than ourselves" says May7ven. The group's protest included lobbying at the Nigerian Embassy on May 9th and again joining the #WeMarchForOurGirls rally to deliver a petition to 10 Downing Street on May 17th, 2014.

The charity single "Sistas Unite" will be released globally on May 29th to raise more awareness for #BringBackOurGirls, to unite women across the world and raise consciousness and keep the public pressure on the government to put an end to the devestating state in Nigeria. Joining forces for the very first time, the artists have come together to deliver a spine tingling, exciting, heart piercingly strong female anthem, driven by lush drums, string arrangements and glorious vocals produced by fast rising UK producer Mictizzle Beatz and mixed by Osiki (Triple O Productions) Ojo.

"Sistas Unite" - founded by M7 Music Publishing and Daniel Sync Media House - are backing two major charities, directly working on the Chibok situation in Nigeria, the Red Cross and AFCUR organisation dealing with abuse on women and children. Rather than a fly by song, it seems "Sistas Unite" is an anthem that will not go away any time soon, as the chorus plays "aint no stoppig us now, we are marching on", making its way into the hearts of the nation.