Monday 13 April 2015

Urban Vision Presents: The Good,The Bad & The Hashtag (Produced by Tola Odunsi)‏

Introducing a new and innovative weekly entertainment web series “The Good. The bad and the Hashatg” created by Urban Vision (Produced by Tola Odunsi).

The show synopsis:
Don't we sometimes wonder what people really have to say about certain news headlines? After all, the gist you share with your friends and colleagues is a lot more truthful than the censored version you say outside.
Well, we're inviting you into our office where we debate and share our views in the only way we know how to; in a real yet and dynamic manner. 
"The good. The bad and The hashtag" is a weekly news show brought to you by Urban Vision Entertainment. We talk about the happenings in our society and often have special guests who come in to clear up wrong news spread about them. 
We tell you the story, give you the facts, give our opinions and allow you to take sides with the use of hashtags!

“Urban Vision” was created to smoothen the process of bringing concepts and ideas to life. Here at Urban Vision we create, build and develop content. We are a 360-entertainment company that understands the uniqueness of different projects.
episode - political matter