Monday, 17 September 2018


Multiple award-winning Nigerian singer, Pardon C, returns with brand new single tagged‘Brain Box’.
Pardon C has been a major force promoting Nigeria and the continent of Africa with his impressive talent, bringing together all the beauties of the continent to the fore and exposing the westerners to them.
Just recently in Florida, Pardon C won an award for his ‘Emergency’ visuals, beating other international acts nominated with him. The versatile singer is however, not relenting on delivering classy and matchless music.
On ‘Brain Box’, directed by Pardon C and Mobolaji AdeoluPardon C settled for a slow and groovy pattern as he sings to compliment the beauty of his admirer, without eluding the public domain, he expresses his adoration for the beautiful diva.
Speaking on the new song, Pardon C noted that, he’s been working on giving his fans music that will stand the test of time with top-notch rejuvenation, hence, ‘Brain Box’ is the first of the materials.
“Music is more than releasing different songs so that people can update their music galleries, music should be impactful in different ways – like I did on ‘Brain Box’, it is basically applauding beauty of women, which many tend not to appreciate again.
“Women are beautiful creations, they deserve to be respected and taken care off – in love and affection. This is why we settled for a public shooting in the video, so people can see, we Nigerian, African men know how to make women happy without us feeling ashamed of doing so,” Pardon C said.
Discussing further on the music video of ‘Brain Box’, Pardon C said that the flick that has garnered close to a million views on YouTube is the debut video, shot and directed by TCO Videos, a subsidiary of TCO Music.
“I’m happy with the feedback we’ve been getting from the video,” he said, adding that “we’re definitely going to keep improving our standards, release more materials, keep our fans entertained and continue to promote Nigeria and the African continent.”
‘Brain Box’ is coming after his soft, sweet, juicy, melodious and full-flavoured song christened ‘Mama’, which is still getting positive reviews and international recognitions.