Monday, 6 June 2011

Jiffy With Dowe

If there's anything we have to say about DOWE, he's a lyrical genius. We hooked up with him and this is what went down.
Recess : What are your names?

Dowe : Biyere Victor Ebidouwei. stage name-Dowe its just the short form of my native name Ebidouwei just took the U and I away from the name.

Recess : Tell us a little about yourself.
Dowe : I was born April 20 1992. I'm single now and i'm really searching *laughs*  I'm studying Political science in Unilag Diploma to be precise , i love listening to rap and Reggae songs, Hanging out with friends especially babes *laughs*. I'm the 3rd born out of five children with 4 boys and a girl and i'm still searching for a record label.

Recess : Asides from music, what do you do?

Dowe : Music is my hustle, nothing more.

Recess : What inspires you?

Dowe : Encouragement and Criticism inspires me so well and when i listen to my mentors Drake, Lil Wayne and Vybz Kartel and the thought of being up there.

Recess : Where do you see yourself in the future?

Dowe : I see myself as being the greatest rapper in Nigeria like M.I and winning lots of international awards.

Recess : If you could be anybody atall for a day, who and why?

Dowe : I ld like to be Myself for a day because there is so much fun being myself and I don't like imitating people

Recess :  Simple fact about yourself?

Dowe : hmmmm.. i'm just down to earth and fun to be with and a bit quiet.

Recess : Any Shout-outs or dedications?

Dowe : Yeah i want to shout out to my guys doing this too, Syfer, J4, Karat Kid, Stripes and many more  and to those that got ma back and encourage me. Big ups and  Give thanks To God  for this unbelievable Talent i discovered.

You can follow him on Twitter : @Raider_Dowe

Audio Download Link >> Close Marking - Dowe ft J4