Tuesday, 23 August 2011

#ROnline Meets Chael Landers

Here's an exclusive ROnline interview with Chael Landers, a fast rising artiste. In this interview
he speaks to MKay about challenges he faces with school, friends, fans and his experience so far
as an upcoming artiste.
MayKay: So, introduce yourself? What's your hustle like??
Chael: Errm Ok My Name Is Michael Achike..I'm An Artist Basically HipHop/Rap 
Hustle's Been Going Strong,Real Strong

MayKay: Ok. You're a student yeah? How do. You manage your education with MUSIC??
Chael: Now That's The Climax Of It All
Its Hard U Know
U Can't Study Cos Of The Preparations for Shows Nd Performances
Like The Thought Of Quitting School Has Raced Thru My Mind Alotta Tyms
Buh All In All We Thank God 
You Know..Its Only His Grace That's Bn Helping Me Combine Both
Nothing More
MayKay: How long have you been in the game??
 Chael: Well O Well
I know most artistes wud say it started in the church and all
Buh musiic actually started in the year 2009 fo me 
That wuz when I finished ma waec nd I wus thinking "Yo G You Gon Be Home For Atleast
3months,U Cud As Well Start Something" So I Picked Up My Pen nd Paper And Ma
Dictionary And Started Putting Words Together...Started Going For Battles And All
Until Finally I Met T'Sleek..C.E.O Strawberry Entertainment
He Told Me To Do a Freestyle And I Did 
He Liked Me And Called Me To Join The Group..And BOOM!!
That's How It All Started Yeahhh
Buh I Wus Actually PartOf The Choir When I Was Young..LoL...

MayKay: Loool! Do your peeps support you? I mean your family and friends??
Chael: LoooL
I'm Nothing Without Them 
I'm Sure My Dad Was Alive
He Prolly Wouldn't Have Supported
But Everything Works For The Greater Good I Guess
So My Mum,Bro,Girlfriend And Friends Supports Me All The Way
MayKay: What are your inspirations?
Chael: Every Single Rapper
I tell Eerone Has Something To Offer And I Listen And Gain From All
Buh Mostly I Listen To Drake And Lupe Fiasco Yhh
In Nigeria Here..I Listen To M.I, Vector, OzzyB, Phenom, Every Single Good Artiste
I Get Inspired Every Single Day
MayKay: What has been the most embarassing moment for you??
Chael: LoooL
Okk iv had a coupla moments buh the most embarassing one was when I went up to a celebrity
"not saying her name" and I thought she knew me cus we had talked before and I was certain she
knew me but till now I still don't know why she did that but she denied and washed me flat mehn.
thank God there was nobody around...and that's part of the reason why I'm determined to make
it yeah...I'm Working on Ma Payback..hehe *evilgrin*
MayKay: In one sentence describe your personality.
Chael: LoL
That's Hard Okk
In One Sentence 
I Am The Sick,MindBlowing,HighlyAnticitipated ChaelLanders
MayKay: what are your turn ons and turn offs?
Chael: LoL
Okk My Turn Ons:- Dimples,a Patient And Understanding Chick,Independent,Fair Etc A lot Of Em
Turn Offs:- Lies,Short nd Ugly Girls,Fake Nuccas Nd Hoes 

MayKay: What's your opinion about the entertainment industry in Nigeria?
Chael: Eerrm
Good question..The Entertainment Industry In Nigeria Isn't The Same Anymore..This Industry 
Has Grown..We've Gone International..Its not lyk 20yrs ago..Noooo..We're Actualli Getting 
That Recognition We Deserve And The Feeling Is Great..

MayKay: ​How does it feel to know that one day you're gonna be part of the people
that the industry will celebrate?
Chael: It Feels Awesome.. Like That's The Dream Of Every Upcoming/Underground Artiste..
And I Think I'm Already on That Path...So Its The Feeling Of  a Dream Come True..
MayKay: Soo.. If you aren't making music, what would you be doing?
Chael: LooL
Apart From Music..I Can Act Very Well,Model,Dance And All That Stuf..
I'm Multi-Purposed..LoL
MayKay: As a student there's bound to be alotta famzing, how do you handle that?
Chael: Buhahahahahahahah Ooo Yeah That
Ummmm I Relate Wif Everyone I Come Across
So I really don't cal it "famzing" but once in a while it gets annoying
MayKay: ​Has anything changed about you ever since?
Chael: LoL
I Know More People And I'm Getting Recognition But My Attitude Will Never Change For Anything..LoL
MayKay: Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?
Chael: Wow...Urmmm In The Next Coupla Years..I Seee Myself Up There,Getting Celebrated 
and Recognised For Not Doing The Normal Nigerian Thing..But Fo Doing My Own Thang...
So I Seee Myself As a Star Already..And I'm Working on That...
MayKay: Should we be expecting anything from you soon??
Cheal: Yeah Yeah
I'm Dropping a Track Titled MOVE ft Keenah..Its dropping soon And Another Will Follow...
So Yes Y'all Should Be Expecting A lot From Me
MayKay: Lastly, whats your opinion about "Recess" ?
Chael: Ooo yeah 
Recess Is a Great Movement...
I believe In a coupla Months Recess Is Gan Be Big..lol...Really Y'all Promoting Upcoming Artistes
And That's What We Need In This Country..So Thumbs Up Yo!...Keep The Flame Alive.
MayKay: any shout-outs or dedications?
Chael: Yeah I'd Like To Make a ShoutOut To Ma Supporters Out There..The Ones I Know And
The Ones I Don't..God Go Make Us Bigger..My Friends nd Family...And Ma Team...
All The Real People Out There...
MayKay: Thank you for your time. God Bless Your Hustle Chael: ​Amen Ooo...Yours Too..:)


  1. Good. Like the way the questions were answered. Well written

  2. A Legend in d Making......#watchout