Friday, 2 September 2011


Wizkid started his music career at age eleven while in church and became professional in 2006, became a hot prospect in 2008/2009 and finally broke into the industry in 2010.The EME artist who left Lagos University for Lead city University was just in his 2nd year studying international relations when he made the bold decision of leaving school to concentrate fully on his music career that was already at its peak. 
Wizkid promised to come back to pursue his academic career outside Nigeria. But before the young talent returns to student life, he will complete his music tour. And its like Wizkid had this dream of becoming a music mogul when said he will be studying 'music business' in school. I hope the program will help him better understand the business side of music.
He disclosed this in an interview with the nation.

Excerpts from the interview

Were you serious when you said you will be quitting school because you cannot combine it with music?

I am sorry, it was a misconception. I did not say I will be quitting school, because I can never do such a thing. My parent would never allow that. What I did is
to take a year break from school, for my tour. Once I am done with that, I will be going back to complete my studies.

How long is the tour expected to take?

It is just for a year. I will be taking a transfer to study Music Business outside Nigeria to gather experience and to know more about music too.