Thursday 11 August 2011

Tee A To Stage 3-in-1 15th Anniversary

One of the pioneers of stand-up comedy in Nigerian Tunde Adewale, a.k.a. Tee Ais rolling out the drums, in celebration of his 15th year ‘on the stage’.
Regarded as a super-MC, writer, presenter, comedian and entrepreneur, theUniversity of Lagos graduate has built a career as an international entertainer; working, through the years on private engagements, big-venue concerts and his own solo show in Lagos, London and the US.
And he’s built a chain of businesses along the line. Adewale is the founder/CEO of First Class Entertainment, the owner of TymeOut Lounge in Ikeja, Lagos, the Executive Producer of Tymeout With Tee A and host of the Live ‘N Naked series.

And it all started nearly two decades ago when, as a young man, Tee A found his talent, and developed it through exposure to Bill Cosby materials and invaluable support from comedy grand godfather Ali Baba.
The comedian has now told close friends he’s ‘going all out’ to ‘thank God, my fans, clients, colleagues and supporters’ for a wonderful and amazing 15 years.
We’re told a Tee A DVD is in the works, as well as comedy concerts that’ll hold in Lagos and Abuja.
The concerts, sources say, will be reminiscent of the old Live ‘N Naked series, and will feature mostly Tee A materials from the past, present and future.
It’s difficult to believe we’ve done 15 years already‘, Tee A tells us in a yet-to-be-published interview. ‘It all looks like yesterday. But we must celebrate; we must use this opportunity to set a new agenda for the industry, and also challenge ourselves to move on to the next level…
He says: ‘Yes we’re doing a 3-in-1 event. But for now I’ll leave you to continue guessing what these three elements are;
We’ll keep our fingers crossed!