Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wizkid Stole Pakurumo?

Wizzy, Wizzy Wizkid!!! is back in the news again. Early this year, Wizkid was accused of copying his song HOLLA AT YOUR BOY, which brought him to limelight and now he has fresh allegations leveled against him. News broke on Monday morning that a 300level english language student of Adekunle Ajasin University accused Wizkid of allegedly stealing the hit song 'Pakurumo' which she wrote and performed at a show in Ado Ekiti last year during the tour of a popular rapper. . . . She expressed shock at the inclusion of her song in Wizkid's recently released SUPERSTAR album.
''I bought a copy in Akure and right there, track four is my song. He even retained my title of the song, but tried his best to alter the Ekiti dialect that gave the song a special appeal". . . .However, she says she is not suprised, "his mentor sampled a popular female us- based musician's song that brought him fame. Birds of the same feather", she further expressed.
"I may be poor, but i've sent the video to a lawyer and very soon, the guy will soon be exposed for who he is. I can't believe Nigerians fawn after the guy knowing well that he is not that talented, forget the voice", she added.
ROnline will keep y'all posted on latest developments as time goes by. For now you can bump to Wizkid's version of "PAKURUMO". The track's available for download below. ENJOY!!

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  1. Wizy wizy how I luv d sound of those words but to now hear thify thify wi l be too bad cos I can't bear to see my beloved star plummeting. Wizy is a good freestyle artiste all u need do is check out his songs. dats why d supastar repeats lines upon lines. Talk of talent to compose, nah! wizy aint got it. He shines like his mentor BW sampling tunes and lyrics and we "like" him. How many stolen songs are on d dude's album?You can't tell until the true owners show up. For now wizywizy u re my freestylist just sample jeje cos he dey backfire. Samie, Lasgidy