Saturday, 3 September 2011

Ghana Fashion & Design Week (GFDW) To Launch 2012

The GFDW 2012 will showcase exquisite on trend designed collections by selected designers both established and emerging designers from Ghanaians living in Ghana and the Diaspora.
In addition to this astounding display of fashion shows there will be displays, exhibitions and workshops of a vast array of essential fashion collection displays at giving Ghanaian designers/ entrepreneurs more exposure.
Visitors can expect to watch the live show, have consultations with top makeup artist and also have the opportunity to be made over and for the first time in the history of Ghana fashion industry.
The GFDW 2012 will epitomize the fashion scene in Accra with an annual event that celebrates Ghana's unique style.
This event will bring talented fashion and accessories designers to Accra to showcase their work to local, regional and national retail buyers, boutique owners and consumers.
The show is organized, produced and choreographed by Ghanaians with expertise in organizing international fashion events and we aim for Ghana to have the most elegant fashion show in history with full support from respected online fashion website such as
For press enquiries, photography or if you would be interested in participating or for further information please contact