Saturday, 3 September 2011

Singer MO'CHEDDAH In Assault Scandal

These days, there are various things that are happening that ordinarily won't be the concern of many. But because the world has become one global village as a result of the Internet, some stories naturally come to you without you stressing to get it. The advent of both Twitter and Facebook has also aided the way news is being disseminated. And this is the case of one of Nigeria's songtress, Mo-Cheddah who was involved in assault scandal that got leaked to the social network site Twitter.
Mo- Cheddah forgot that she is fast becoming a brand in the country and she didn't blink before hurling abusive words on the man involved and also assaulted the man, this much, we can reveal going by what we followed recently. Although, we can not say who actually fired the salvo, Jide Aboderin, the man at the centre of the assault, however, tweeted penultimate week that he was attacked by a Nigerian artiste, Mo-cheddah. Jide said his sin was based on the fact that Mo-Cheddah claimed he mocked her big nose on the popular social network, TWITTER.
No one knows how true the story is because Mo'Cheddah herself hasn't said anything, but Jide has been bombarding the site with tales of how he was verbally and physically abused by Mo'cheddah and her boyfriend.

Jide even narrated how Mo-Chedah's boyfriend missed Jide and ended up hitting someone's wife, when they met at a location in Lagos. The location was given as David O's studio.
Taking it to his twitter page, he said: “Mo'cheddah, her fat nose, her bf, his kpomo lips, all came to attack me while I was working in David O's studio today”.
“God made her nose that way. She can do surgery or deal with the comments. It comes with the spotlight. She cursed my daughter.
“As for the young man in question. I admire his courage. However, what happens next is out of my hands. He hit someone's wife in the process”.
“She said she would cut off my daughter's fingers and serve it to her on her birthday”.
“She also told me that I will bury my daughter. All because I said she has a big nose”.
If the story is anything to go by, then Mo'cheddah has just started, because there are hundreds of people who insult her big nose everyday”. Jide ended his tale.