Saturday, 3 September 2011

Tall Or Short Women, Who's Sexier?

People are created in different ways. Some are short, others short. But regardless of your perception, they are the handiwork of God, the creator of all things. We asked some guys who is sexier between a tall and short woman. Does height have anything to do with sex? They responded as follows.
Adewa Ademola
Short women are sexier than the tall ones. They are very easy to manage and good in bed. They are presentable and above all, they are not egoistic unlike the tall ladies.

Shittu Olalekan
Personally, I don't really like short women, may be it is because I have never dated one. But I prefer a tall woman no matter how beautiful the short woman is. I am attracted to tall women. I like tall women with very nice figure. They always look good in everything they wear. Tall women are also very good in bed.

Tall girls are sexier than short girls because of their curves. In fact, I can't marry a short girl. I will rather be a priest.

Don K
Tall women are the sexiest. When it comes to being romantic, they are the best. As for me, I like tall women.

Igiebor Precious
Of course, tall girls look sexier than short ones because it is when you are tall that your physical and natural endowments come out, for instance hips. Take Oge Okoye, the actress, for instance. Is she not sexy?

Tope Okunlola
The short ones are much sexier because I think they are naturally endowed with the necessary attributes of a perfect woman.

Oseni Mamoud
I don't know anything about tall or short women's sex life because I have never had sex or been in a relationship with either of them. I am a virgin.

Kofoworola Adebanjo
I have two of them as my girlfriends, but the short one satisfies me more. So, from experience I think the short women are sexier than the tall ones. I may not know if there are other tall ladies that are sexy.

Samuel Sunday
If you mean who is more sexually active between the two, I will go for short women. They are better than the tall ones.

Wale Jimoh
I don't like sex, so I wouldn't know who is sexier between the two.

Tolu Adebayo
For me, tall or short, women are just it. They are easily handled and turned around as one wishes. There could be short women who are sexy too. You cannot rule them out.

Chike Ifediba
To be honest, I have had them both and from experience, I can tell that short women are sexier. However, whether short or tall, a sexy woman is a sexy one irrespective of height.

Ekene Onyeka
I think the action depends on the man. There are short women who are sexy and there are tall ones who are not. Everything as far as I am concerned, depends on the two people involved. If they are truly in love, they would always enjoy themselves.

Pius Ayo
They are the same. Being sexy does not have anything to do with height. Sex is an act. So, some people are bound to know it more than the others.

Livinus Okafor
I prefer tall women any time, any day and I am sure they are sexier. Naturally, I don't like dating short women. So, I wouldn't know how sexy they could be. Meanwhile, they could be sexy as well.