Friday, 9 September 2011

R-Xclusive ::: MayowaKay Hooks Up With So Paid Ent's X-TRIM

Recently signed to So Paid Ent, X-Trim talks about his experience since he started music & also tells a little about himself, Enjoy.

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MayowaKay: Sup Sup???
MayowaKay: Introduce yourself??
Xtrim: The name is Tosan Alvan Oritsejafor from Delta state from
a family of 4 my parents inclusive making us 2 kids my sister and I.
My primary,secondary and university was in Lagos.I play basket ball a
nd love meeting Beautiful people and of course I love singing.

MayowaKay: When did you start making music professionally?
Xtrim: Started music professionally like 3years ago where I worked with 
AQ track called "Make Money" which also had Morachi on it produced by laylow
MayowaKay: Are currently signed on to any label?
Xtrim: Yes o just got signed to recorded label called SO PAID ENT
MayowaKay: Ok. So tell us who "X-Trim" really is? What's his personality like?
Xtrim: Xtrim is basically for d ladies I won't lie I feel I was born to please the girls
 with my voice make them happy,xtrim is a calm cool brova
MayowaKay: Nice. So what's your experience been like? Do you feel you've
been accepted or you're missing something out?
Xtrim: Well I can't say I have been accepted cos I feel I have not been known yet by 
all which includes the whole world except maybe for rappers who know me through
the hooks I lace.Was on AQ's last album on 5 songs which included "NAMES" the
hit single and "SOLD OUT".Xtrim is very versatile basically
MayowaKay: What keeps you going? Like your inspirations?
Xtrim: Life itself, as long as am alive then I can get inspired by anything and anyone
MayowaKay: At the rate at which the entertainment industry in Nigeria is being
celebrated, how do you feel knowing you'll be part of the people that the industry 
will recognize
Xtrim: Am coming through with a whole new package its kinda like hard to explain but
i honestly can't wait and am excited hoping to contribute my talent to the upliftment of 
the industry. 
MayowaKay: What. Would you say has been your toughest challenge so far?
Xtrim: None, funny enough I face challenges everyday, the idea is to find solutions
and improve
MayowaKay: So should we be expecting anything from you soon?
Xtrim: Yes o an official single from the record label will soon pop out so ladies 
watch out
MayowaKay: Got any shout-outs??
Xtrim: To all the ladies includin Mayowa Kay just wanna say pls accept me as
I do wat am about to do to pls u all, to my boys who still got my back, to my
mentor 2baba and to God Jehovah
MayowaKay: Hehe... Bless You!! 
MayowaKay: Thank You For yOur tIme
Xtrim: Bless u too ma for havin me
MayowaKay: Kkl! 
MayowaKay: That's all
Xtrim: Thaanks a lot o I appreciate
Xtrim: Pls do all u can to push xtrim and I promise I won't disappoint by Gods grace

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