Friday, 9 September 2011

TONTO DIKEH UNCENSORED – ‘My smoking is nobody business!’

Tonto Dikeh, the Rivers state actress that took part in The Next Movie Star reality TV show is from the family of seven and lost her mother at the age of three. SHe takes up question about her smoking addiction, lesbianism and semi-nude roles. Read excerpts below:
Q: How true is the rumor that you are a heavy smoker and can’t do without cigarette?
We are just so shallow minded. How does that come into the way I act? Excuse me (voice raised). That is my personal life. If I want to smoke, I handle a stick of cigarette and I smoke it hard. It is my life I can decide to smoke myself to hell. It’s nobody’s business.
Q: Yeah! Just like you were smoking before this interview started?
It’s left for me to think about it. It’s left for me to continue. How has smoking affected my acting job? It’s nobody business and it doesn’t affect what you see on TV.
Q: Many said your smoking habit has made you become asthmatic.
(Laughs out loudly) I think my health problems have nothing to do with my job. If I have a health problem then I have a health problem. It’s not something that is meant for the public or the world.
Q: How true is it also that you are into lesbianism?
Aha! There is nothing that is surprising to me anymore. I don’t live my life based on what people say about me.
Q: You acted in the movie, ‘Dirty Secret,’ alongside Muna Obiekwe and Jibola Dabo. The movie has generated so much criticism. How have you taken it?
I felt it but I felt it in a very positive way. It really helped my career. It helped me with my job and my personality as a woman. The movie has been highly talked about and it even got me more popularity. It was really crazy to be part of it. I got paid to interpret a role as an actress and I did it perfectly well. I don’t give a f**k about what anybody is saying out there.
Q: Some critics felt your semi-nude role in the movie was totally African?
I don’t know what the Africa role is. I don’t know about being an African or not. I am a human being and an actress. That is all I know. Being an African is not part of my job.
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