Friday, 7 October 2011

R-INTERVIEW ::::: Recess With Lu Boi Fresh's MLV

ROnline proudly presents another uber-talented fast rising act, MLV. ROnline 's Mayowa Kay gave a shout at him & here's what went down.
#Enjoy .

MayowaKay :: ‎​So, introduce yourself?

MLV :: Ya boi, MLV da producer, singer, writer, student, entertainer

MayowaKay :: How long have you been into your hustle?

MLV :: ‎​Professionally just 1year and 8months

MayowaKay :: Tell us a bit about your family background?

MLV :: ‎​2nd son of a family of three , 2boys and 1 gurl ., i hail from cross river

MayowaKay :: Have you had any regrets or major set backs, since you started making music?

MLV :: ‎​No and i pray i will wont have any

MayowaKay :: ‎​What are your hobbies?

MLV :: ‎​Music , basketball, writing , listening to drake too is ma new hobby too

MayowaKay :: Lol. You recently dropped a joint, "She Bad", what was the inspiration behind that song?

MLV :: ‎​Basically tried to fuse , dancehall reggae , and r n b into one. " She bad " was just the best title dat got into ma head after i laced the beat with the tempo , not being too fast or slow, kinda r-kelly's " slow wine".

MayowaKay :: Of all the artistes you've worked with, who would you say you enjoyed working with the most?

MLV :: ‎​Ive worked with a lot of upcoming artists , and a few re knowned artists which include , cashino NDT, Mr KooL , BaByBoi , KEL FsT BabaDee, Zino,and fast rising kid "coolKID" the list goes on , i fink it would be Emjay whiteboi ,nd lakes brizzle on the recording of " follow me "

MayowaKay :: How did you come about the name, MLV?

MLV :: ‎​My real name is melvin, just abbreviated it to MLV.

MayowaKay :: Are you currently signed on to any label?

MLV :: ‎​None presently, hoping Ronline would sign me though

MayowaKay :: maybe, who knows. ‎​What's the "LU" movement all about?

MLV :: ‎​Lol... Pls do. ‎​The lu movement started July 2010, ‎​its basically combination of different genres of music ‎​from different artists ‎​collaborating with each other. LuBoiFresh is presently undergoing some rebranding and the premiere of their 1st music video coming soon.

MayowaKay :: Great stuff. If music wasn't your thing, what do you think you'll be doing?

MLV :: Im a student presently too, Unilag , urban and regional planning 300L. ‎​I think aside music , i would practice planning as a proffession, acting and modelling, Might also work out you know.

MayowaKay :: ‎​Got any shout-outs?

MLV :: ‎​Yeah !! Mos def. ‎​S/o to ma parents , ma team "LuBoiFresh" , ma gurlfriend " love all y'all ,, 2011/2012 we taking it ..

MayowaKay :: Bless up, thanks for your time.

MLV :: ‎​Big ups to #Ronline
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